These Two Words Can Be Keeping You Broke!

How many times have you asked yourself these questions?:

  • “Why can’t I save money?”

  • “What happened to my paycheck?”

  • “Why can’t I get out of debt and stay out?”

The answers to these questions can be found in two words, “immediate gratification”. Society has become a society that “WANTS”, not “NEEDS”, things “NOW”.

This urgency is directly connected to “mindset”. We must change our mindset in order to change our finances. You can’t keep doing things in the same manner and expecting a different outcome. One must continually exercise their “wealth” mindset muscle to eliminate the “weak” poverty mindset, that keeps families in the negative with regards to their economic security. In addition, another portion of mindset that kick starts immediate gratification is emotions. Emotional spending is one of the primary reasons for debt, poverty, clutter and bankruptcy. Too many individuals are not healing the root of their pain, they are bandaging the pain with purchases.

One of the ways to test this theory, is the next time you want to make a purchase, take a moment to assess how you feel. Is there an urgency to make the purchase, knowing that some or all of the questions mentioned above you ask yourself on a consistent basis?  Do you just throw caution to the wind and make the purchase? Do you make the purchase knowing you can’t afford the item? 

The next time you are going to make a purchase, I invite you to:

  • Assess what you are purchasing and if there’s excitement with having the object in hand “immediately”

  • Ask yourself the above questions, AGAIN

  • Step away and take the time to write your feelings down

Now, that you are practicing being fully aware of your purchases and why you are purchasing these items. Then, compare this with the next time you see something you want to buy. This time decide to “sleep” on the purchase. Or better yet put it one “Layaway”. I heard you say, “Do they still have layaway?” The answer is yes and I challenge you to find the places that have layaway or purchase on, “time” payments, before you get the item. When you find these outlets and make a purchase, take note of the difference in your feelings and write those down. Are you making more sound buying decisions now that you are exercising patience?

So, here lies your challenge. This test will help you decide if you’re an “abuser” of “immediate gratification”. Please note the fact that I didn’t use the word “victim”. This would imply that something was being “done” to you against your will. This is not true, we are very capable of controlling immediate gratification if we choose.

Finally, the true indication is an evaluation of your “debit” and “credit” card statements to see your patterns for spending money. If you have a credit card balance that is used for “non emergency” purchases, chances are you prefer “immediate gratification” versus “delayed gratification”. The problem with immediate gratification is that it keeps us from creating wealth and it is disastrous to our financial success!

As always, I invite your comments! Also, I invite you to research and list some of the places you’ve found that offers “layaway” or “payment” plans and that you don’t receive the merchandise until it’s paid in full. Please share those with our readers. In the future, I will share the list of places, I have, but you’ll have to “WAIT”. This is your first lesson in controlling “immediate gratification”. Here’s to your financial success…

Want to use this article for your Ezine, blog or newsletter? Feel free, but you must keep the article intact including this statement and credit.  Nisha Jackson, is the “The Wealth Breakthrough Catalyst” a sought after Business  & Money Coach, Speaker and Author helping entrepreneurs create wildly successful businesses by maximizing business revenue. As well, she shows women how to effectively manage their personal finances. While earning more and working less so they can live the freedom based lifestyle they deserve. Sign up for information and The Brilliance Newsletter @ or email for more information.


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