Money Mastery Young Adults™ (age 17-25)

 Virtual Session (age 17 to 25) (PROOF OF AGE REQUIRED)

Are you afraid that:

• Your child will handle money irresponsibly
• Your child will continue the same negative money legacy that you carry
• That your children are not confident in their money management skills
• Your children will end up in the credit abuse/bankruptcy trap so many young adults fall into, today
• Your child will not be able to successfully transition from SCHOLARSHIP/FINANCIAL AID to FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE

Have no fear Nisha will give your child the money management education schools no longer offer:
In one 4 hour (Saturday session):

They will be given the tools to:

• Change their mindset around money
• Understand and implement strong foundation in money management skills
• Understand their Paycheck and what the deductions mean
• Comparison Shop
• Create a spending plan
• Find out where they are losing track of spending
• Open a checking/savings account
• Importance of a positive credit history
• Avoiding the bankruptcy trap
• Getting their first apartment and managing the expenses that go with living on their own
• Car buying
• Importance of the SAVE/SPEND/GIVE concept
• How to and the importance of starting WEALTH CREATION early

Please don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to give your young adult a chance at Financial Freedom.

The investment in your young adults future is:



Upon payment, you will be contacted to schedule a time for the course.


After 72 hours All BRILLIANT GEMSTM Success Session are not refundable. However, you can use your payment made to apply to another program offered, included but not limited to individual, group or events of Financially Brilliant Women’s Institute. You must give a 7 business day written notice prior to your scheduled appointment and you cannot have used any portion of the session. 


Legal disclaimer: The sessions are not financial or legal counseling. They are strategy sessions to help you move forward in these areas. The decision is yours as to whether you decided to implement the suggestions. There will be no stock or securities discussions in these sessions. Please consult your Financial or Legal Team