Avoid Debt Related Illness this Holiday Season

This holiday season, I’d like to encourage you to focus on what truly matters to you in your life and what brings you joy. As for me, I’m focusing on good health, the love of family, gratitude and the freedom based lifestyle that wealth affords.

I was watching a popular television show recently and the doctor (Dr. Oz) was investigating the correlation between money matters and health. He illustrated through blood pressure, pulse and other readings that when we worry about our finances, our health is adversely affected.

I’m sure many of us already suspected this, but it was quite interesting to have it substantiated. I’d like to encourage you to be proactive with regards to debt this season. Let’s focus on the positives and work on changing any negatives into positives, from this point forward.

To help you do just that, I’d like to share with you a few ways you can accomplish this during the holidays. First and foremost, “Remember the reason for the season”! Make the determination for yourself of what this means for you. Avoid being debt ridden and paying off your generosity throughout next year and beyond.

It’s never too late to begin. Focus on being proactive with regards to money this holiday season. If you have already completed some of your shopping, hopefully you’ve done some of what will be discussed. To keep your blood pressure in the normal range, your stress level down and your finances in the black, follow the tips listed here:

• Accept that you are not in competition with anyone. Choose who you will buy for and stay within a set budget.

• Ditch the mentality that “I’m going to give my children, what I didn’t have growing up”. Particularly, if they haven’t held themselves to a higher standard in the areas you have agreed upon (grades, respect and being a productive member of the family). We must set our children up for success! After they leave our home, they should have a solid foundation of, earning what they acquire in life and not an unrealistic expectation that the world owes them. It can be difficult, but I encourage you to turn a blind eye to any guilt associated with this process.

• Create a spending plan and know how much DISCRETIONARY income you are using for gifts, food, entertainment, etc. Discretionary income is the income you have left after all bills are paid.

• Shop online, particularly with places offering free shipping, this will help you avoid the “bright shiny object” syndrome and keep you from spending on unnecessary items due to emotions and immediate gratification. In addition, you avoid the rat race and stress of last minute shoppers.

• Download applications such as ebates.com on your phone. This application gives alerts of who has what items on sale and often gives free shipping. Ebates has partnered with almost any store that you can imagine, to give you a percent of cash back on your purchases. Also, by using the application instead of the direct ebates.com site you get a larger percentage back.

• Another great application is “Walmart Savings Catcher” download the Walmart application and use the “Savings Catcher” to scan your “QR” code on your receipt and it will comparison shop for you from the competitors in your area. It lets you know, within 3 days if any lower prices were found and then allows you to transfer/accumulate savings on a Walmart gift card. Finally, you can print the gift card or let them scan the bar code from your mobile device and the saving will be deducted from your current shopping bill.

So, let’s focus on staying healthy and keeping our wallets in the black this season. Yes, live in the now, but don’t jeopardize your financial future. By doing this, your success will be great you can have a freedom based lifestyle that wealth affords and you so richly deserve.

As always, I’d love to hear from you!  Join the conversation, by leaving a comment below regarding how you will stay healthy & wealthy this season.

Here’s to your financial success!

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One Response to Avoid Debt Related Illness this Holiday Season
  1. “Bright shiny object syndrome” – I can relate to that! Thank you for the great tips. I know that I find myself having to resist the desire to completely spoil my kids at Christmas time. Turns out what they really love are the traditions and time spent together anyway!