Elements of Revenue Generation

The first step in revenue generation is to be clear on the pain or problem your product/service solves for the client. Start with these points in mind:


• Survey your database on how they best learn and what they need
• Remember a confused mind doesn’t buy! Be clear in your offer
• Create those products and services that solve the problem
• Charge the VALUE of your service and products not what you think they will pay


Secondly, be clear on who your “ideal client” is versus “target market”

• Many confuse the two, really drill down and pinpoint who you serve, create an avatar with specific demographics
• Speak directly to them in marketing & sales copy
• You will close more sales with the “ideal client”


The third element is to know how to close a sale

• Be clear on what products and services you offer
• Be able to overcome objections (practice makes perfect)
• Make sales calls at least 3 X week for at least an hour


Finally create a revenue plan and work the plan

1. Forecast for the coming year, how much revenue you would like to make in the coming year (Stretch your vision)

• Keep in mind that revenue is different from profit so factor in expenses
• Break this amount into 4 quarters
• So this means you’ll have a certain amount in each quarter to equal the annual total


2. For each quarter, configure your products and services to be sold so the total meets or exceeds the amount for each quarter

• Example: how many VIP days, products, speaking engagements or other programs do you have to sell to reach that quarterly goal
• Work the plan you have created when networking and selling
• When networking be laser focused on the attending the events “where your “ideal client” is and follow up


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