A Personal Perspective on Independence Day

As I reflect on what Independence Day (U.S-July 4), means to me, there are mixed emotions. These emotions are very different then when I was young. They have evolved in stages with age and personal responsibility. As a child, I only understood the commercialism of it all. As a young adult, I was a bit more knowledgeable of the reasons we celebrate this day. I will admit that I hadn’t embraced the true meaning and how it applied to my life or affected others.

However, I can truly say that today is a “NEW” day of my understanding and appreciation of “Independence Day”. I find it a day, even more so than any other day to be grateful. Not, to say I don’t wake up every morning in gratitude, because I do. But this day in particular, impresses upon me to be grateful and appreciative for those around me who are being proactive in any capacity to contribute to the forward movement of our freedom.

I am grateful for those that have and continue to sacrifice for our freedom. Those would be our soldiers, veterans, law enforcement, support staff and their families, just to name a few. But, the list doesn’t stop there, I’m grateful for all those at any socioeconomic level that continue to push forward for our and their freedom, as well.

You see I am at an age where I am more aware of what is going on in our world and I realize that there many of us, “just ordinary people” that are still working diligently to enjoy the “freedom” that we enjoy today. To each and every one that is doing this “work”, I salute you! I encourage you to keep striving for the independence, success and the ultimate “freedom” you deserve. Happy Independence Day!

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