Marketing: The Profit Is In the Plan

A business that is a well kept secret is a bankrupt business! When clients come to me for coaching, I want to see their marketing plan. But similar to the entrepreneurs that have no business plan, many don’t have a marketing plan or their plan is an inconsistent “fly by the seat of their pants” approach.

As well, there is no “one size fits” all marketing plan. A marketing plan is unique to your business. This means that if you are doing exactly what a fellow entrepreneur is doing, you will have a low conversion rate. Simply because their “successful” plan is designed to attract “their” ideal client and the “pond” they are “fishing” in is tailored to where their ideal clients hang out.

Listen, the lifeblood of your business is marketing that “magnetizes” clients to work with you, which in turn generates revenue and leads to profit. A great marketing plan has “focus” and great “copywriting” to speak to your ideal client’s pain or problem that needs to be solved. Your plan should also foster a “know like and trust” relationship, which means you have to leave your office regularly. It is a PLAN which means it has numerous components to reach a GOAL. Let’s be clear Social Media is not a marketing plan it is a component of a plan. Other components include but are not limited to some of the following:

  • • Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Please stay away from soliciting via private messaging or on individuals private walls and groups unless given permission.

    • Video marketing

    • Blogging, submitting articles to publications and content sharing

    • Radio/podcast (Host or Guest)

    • Direct Mail- this medium is still very effective

    • Networking events

    • Social Events

    • Business related organizations, Chamber of commerce, associations, etc

    • Phone Calls

    • Ads

    • Warm Letters – touch base and let others know what you’re up to

    • Speaking

    • Become a vendor, sponsor, etc

    Your ideal clients have different learning styles. Therefore, your plan should have various ways to communicate with them. As well, multiple touch points to the same client in various ways lead to the sale. So, when creating your marketing plan do the following:

    • Know the end “GOAL” or result that you want to accomplish
    • Get clear on who your “Ideal” client is
    • Figure out where they gather in large quantities
    • Figure out what they like to do, read and groups they frequent
    • Your marketing/copywriting should solve a problem for your ideal client
    • Create a plan that has different types of marketing and various “touch points”
    • Create a plan that is unique to YOUR business and goals

  • Remember your marketing plan is not set in stone. It will evolve as your business evolves. Do you have a question, tips or other marketing outlets you’d like to share? If so please, I’d love for you to leave a comment below! Also, if you need assistance creating your marketing plan, let’s chat, email:

    Until next time, here’s to your brilliant success!

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