Wealth: The Mind Connection

First, I would like to make this distinction concerning the information contained here. The reference to financial “wealth or wealthy”, is speaking to “new money” acquired by an individual, not “family money” or “inheritance”. Wealthy people have one common connection that drives them to achieve financial success. That connection is their “MIND”.  Our “mind”plays an important part in the level of wealth we achieve. Therefore, our “money mindset” or “wealth consciousness” is the key to the level of financial success we acquire. To acquire wealth, we must have an elevated “money mindset” or “wealth consciousness”. The foundation for this can be traced back through our family legacies.

Let’s take a look at the subject of “money legacy”. Our thoughts concerning money (negative or positive) are formed at a very early age. Where do we acquire most of our patterns in life? Yes, you guessed correctly, with what we see from those closest to us, our family. In an effort gain some clarity on the subject, I share this:

Money story/legacy – A person’s money story or legacy is an internal dialogue and lessons that were instilled in them throughout their life and that they continue to hold onto today and impart to their children. Think back to the environment you were raised in and how your family dealt with money issues. A few examples would be:

  • • Did your parent’s fight over money?

    • Did your family live in lack?

    • Did you hear or witness a constant struggle to make “ends meet”?

    • Did they live beyond their means?

    • Did only one parent have access to the household funds while under the “control” of other?

    • Was there a fear of properly handling personal finances?

    These are just a few things that can lead to a negative money story and affect the money legacy that you carry today and possibly forward to your children. But, let’s be clear, we can’t blame our parents for everything money. No, I’m not allowing you to get off that easy!

    There are a few other factors that can be responsible for the money story we carry today. Such as, some of our “own” personal ups and downs throughout life can affect our money stories and hinder us from gaining the financial success that is our, “birthright”. Here are just a few:

    Self confidence/self esteem – One’s self confidence and self esteem can keep them from having a positive money story and legacy. If a person has low self confidence or self esteem, they don’t play full out, in life, because they don’t trust themselves to go above and beyond to grow their wealth.

    Releasing past pains – If a person who has past hurts or pains, in their life, that they have not addressed and put to rest, they will most likely have trouble achieving and sustaining wealth. Emotional spending is one of the top reasons of wealth failure of financial success.

    Money blocks and struggles with accepting success will keep you from acquiring wealth. So, is all hope of attaining wealth lost? NO! There is always an opportunity to change one’s money story/legacy. Start here:

    Look internally, and see if any of the above, are things that are sabotaging your financial success. If so, start and continue to work on self development in that area so that you don’t create your own glass ceiling on your road to wealth.

    What I know for sure from working with many clients, is that they were struggling with achieving personal financial success, because of their internal money stories.

    The things mentioned above feed on themselves and become a vicious cycle in hindering success. As well, we are not given more wealth to look over if we are not good stewards of that in which we have been trusted to manage.

    What’s your money story/legacy? Is it negative or positive? Is it affecting your success? Do you have tips to help someone identify and/or repair their money story? If so please, I’d love for you to leave a comment below!

    Until next time, here’s to your brilliant success!

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