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Hi, I’m Nisha Jackson “The Wealth Breakthrough Catalyst” and it’s no coincidence that you’ve landed on this page. I know you are searching for a brilliant life that is free from financial stress.

Let me share with you, my mission of service to you. I show women entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate employees how to stop trading hours for dollars and live the life of their dreams, while running wildly successful businesses rooted in their purpose. In addition, I help clients effectively manage both personal and business finances.

Does any of this describe your current situation?

  • Tired of just making ends meet
  • Always exhausted at the end of the day, after trading hours for dollars in your current job or business
  • Afraid of not charging the value of your services just to keep a client
  • Your business revenue is not enough and your profits are even less (You do KNOW the NUMBERS in your business to know your TRUE profit right?)
  • Are you just fed up with not living the life you desire

If you said yes to any or all of the above, and I told you that it is possible to change the direction of your life to include the some or all of the following, would that be of interest to you? You see…

  • You can be free of the constant stress of making ends meet
  • You can make more money working less
  • You can change your money mindset, charge what your worth, and get it
  • You can dramatically increase your wealth
  • You can raise your wealth consciousness and live abundant life you desire

As a result of working with me, my clients release their limiting mindsets. They build wildly successful businesses by maximizing their business and personal wealth, while working less and living a more luxurious and freedom based lifestyle.

So, if you are ready to up level your self worth so you can up level your net worth, email info@financiallybrilliantwomen.com so we may set up a time to chat!

Here’s to your brilliant life!





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